About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of 100% Argentinean capitals with more than twenty years providing high value-added services in the national and international market. We are made up of different companies and business units that stand out for their innovation in technological developments and computer services.

Our commitment to quality

At Grupo MSA we assume a permanent commitment to quality with our customers, suppliers, collaborators and work team.
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What do we do?

The company's core business is characterized by the generation of "Non-Conventional Software for Critical Mission Processes". Among our main activities are: the integral solution for electoral processes through the use of technology, the provision of stock market information throughout the Americas, development of logistics and traceability solutions through RFID technology, ticketing service for public shows, among others.

All the processes related to the production of MSA are certified by IRAM Quality Management System Standard IRAM-ISO 9001: 2015.

Our Developments

Nueva versión de Máquinas vot.ar


Vot.ar® is the most reliable and transparent integral voting system through the use of technology, which strengthens and streamlines the traditional suffrage system, keeping its greatest virtues unchanged.

It is also the brand with the most modern and consolidated electoral system, the Electronic Ballot System (BUE in spanish), an innovative suffrage system that allows the voter to select candidates on a touch screen and print their own ballot, while recording the information on the RFID chip that it contains.

Voting through the BUE system provides security to the voter, allowing the verification of the coincidence between the electronic register and the printed vote, besides allowing an agile public scrutiny fully controlled by the representatives of each party..

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Pulsera juegos olimpicos
logo singularIT


Singular/it specializes in the development of IoT & Smart Cities solutions, with extensive know-how in RFID technology.

With the purpose of accompanying organizations to be more efficient, optimizing times and resources in the technological transformation they are going through, singular/it invites them to think about their future today, offering technological solutions to specific challenges.

Specialists in RFID: this technology allows remote identification of a device and management of its route over a period of time, in different spaces or throughout the chain of production and distribution of goods. RFID allows greater efficiency throughout the value chain by optimizing costs, times and resources.

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Sitio web de Viaticket Viaticket


GlobalTicket is a development of MSA that over 18 years ago became the first ticketing system for mass shows in Argentina. This software is the engine that manages eight ticketing stores from the national market that operate under their own commercial names, issuing thousands of tickets every day of the year. GlobalTicket is a software undergoing daily high stress tests with sales of mass shows, selling millions of annual tickets.

One of the ticket stores that uses this system is Viaticket, an MSA company that directly manages the administration, sale and issuance of tickets for all kinds of events (musical, sporting, theatrical, cinemas, parties, trips, vouchers, among others).

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Soluciones tecnológicas


It is a complex engineering system that allows you to manage a database that contains the history of the last 25 years of accounting and stock information of more than 2000 companies throughout the Americas (USA / Nasdaq and NYSE, MX, CL, PE, AR, BR and CO) and that is used daily by equity analysts. Daily updated balances, quotes and indices make up the core of knowledge and data management.

This product and service that MSA represents, markets and contributes as a generator of local information, is used by the vast majority of the largest research offices in America, Asia and Europe.

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